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Martedì, 12 Maggio 2020 11:33

Planet Express Delivery Ship by Nicola Stocchi & Gabriele Zannotti

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Planet Express Delivery Ship by Nicola Stocchi & Gabriele Zannotti

Progetto presentato su LEGO® IDEAS e selezionato fra i set per la prossima selezione. (a questo link potete trovare una lista. ndr)


Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Are you ready to deliver pizza throughout the universe? Well, good news everyone! With this iconic ship from the 30th century, you can do that.

Futurama is my absolute favorite cartoon series, so making the Planet Express ship in LEGO was something I had in mind for a while. Some challenges of this model were managing to keep its curves, smoothness and crazy angles, while also maintaining its cartoonish style.

Click here to check out the 3D model on Mecabricks!


It all started on Lego Digital Designer with a ton of reference pictures. The internal structure is made of technic parts and holds well the weight of the entire ship. To achieve the curved shape I was inspired from the techniques used in the Millennium Falcon set, but “stretching them” to reach the right angles. The main body color is sand green, as it seemed the closest color to the original electric mucus paint job. A little detail I like is the Planet Express logo on the top fin: it is made out of bricks instead of using a sticker, because I always prefer not to use them. Minifigures are not displayed by now, but it would be great to have a proper Planet Express crew, maybe in similar molds to the Simpsons ones.


  • The top turret opens to fit a Minifigure and rotates 360 degrees.
  • The rear landing gears and the frontal stairway are detachable.
  • The rooftop and the top fin are easily removable to access the interiors.


The bridge has seats for 3 Minifigures, the main console and more on-board devices. The central zone has a table, some furniture, boxes, a fire extinguisher and a trap-door that leads to the ship’s hold. The rear zone hosts the dark matter engines, which “don’t move the ship at all. The ship stays where it is and the engines move the universe around it”. 


This project includes a base platform to display the ship, it is inspired by the landing zone in the Planet Express headquarters. There’s an alternative build path that transforms the platform in a launchpad. That’s perfect when you want a dynamic display pose, just ready for the takeoff!


  • Ship: 1656
  • Platform: 497
  • Platform + launchpad: 785

 This project is a collaboration between Nicola Stocchi (model designer) and Gabriele Zannotti (graphic designer).

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  • Tema LEGO®: MOC
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