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Martedì, 12 Settembre 2017 14:41

Musical Animals Argo71 (Vincenzo Nigrelli)

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Music Animale Music Animale

Musical animals by Argo71 (Vincenzo Nigrelli)


( Penguin - xylophone, Caterpillar - accordion and Giraffe – guitar )

I present my set called “Musical animals”, that gathers two of my passions: music and animals.

I chose the penguin, as the animal with the xylophone, because it inspired me with its beautiful white chest, on which you can draw as a blackboard.

The idea of the accordion in the caterpillar was inspired by the transformation into a chrysalis of Papilio Machaon, when a new form comes out with a different color from starting green (in this case black and white of accordion).

The long neck of the giraffe has inspired the idea of the guitar. It holds a guitar pick and has a tail to be more stable. I was naturally influenced by Geoffrey & Friends, but I tried to turn it into something original.

I think this set will help children become interested in important topics by playing, encouraging them to research. It joins together educational and fun material, and I think that Lego can produce new pieces that can improve the final result of this set and others in the future.

It's a simple, educational and enjoyable set that would please everyone, both children and adults.



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