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Sabato, 23 Settembre 2023 09:09

Moc League 2023 - Rules of the Contest

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The Moc League is back and it's bigger than ever

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Moc League, for this edition, we are partnering with the Italian OrangeTeamLUG Group and the contest will be hosted on their website!




General Rules

The rules are basically the same as in past editions, but for this year there are some new features:

In the Moc League, builders will compete against each other over the course of 4 free-for all rounds, each with its own theme.

The number of competitors will be halved after each round, the builders that score the highest will advance to the next round, the others will be eliminated from the tournament.

This is a direct elimination tournament, there are no loser brackets.

Only new mocs are allowed for this competition, old mocs republished for the Moc League will not be accepted.

After the theme is announced, you will have 14 days to make your creation and post it on the social media of your choice: Instagram, Flickr, BZPower… anything goes. Once you publicly post your creation on the social media of your choice, you can enter the moc in the tournament on the OrangeTeamLUG website.

When you fill out your entry on the official Moc League page on the OrangeTeamLUG website, you must add a link to the original post of the same creation.


Score System

Your mocs will be judged upon:

1 - Individual evaluation criteria (it depends on the challenge of the round) 0 to 5 points
2 - Originality: concept, inspiration, pieces used 0 to 5 points
3 - Aesthetics: colors, silhouettes, textures, composition 0 to 5 points
4 - Technique: joints, posability, function, structure 0 to 5 points


Your creations will be judged by the 3 admins, a lot of importance will be given to the techniques used, the final result and how well it sticks to the theme given.

You can use every Lego piece you want, but remember, this is a Construction themed event, so the main focus of the build should be given to the pieces of this theme, and this will be considered during the judgment process.


What is accepted and what is not:

-              Unconventional techniques are allowed, but only if they don't put more stress on pieces than intended.      

-              3d printed pieces, bootleg pieces and painted pieces are not allowed.     

-              Rubber bands and stickers are allowed, but only if they are not used for structural purposes.

-              Digital works are not allowed.


Winners and Prizes

At the end of the contest there will be three final winners for this edition of the Moc League, here are the prizes:


Third Place

A sealed Knights Kingdom II Jayko (set 8771)




A sealed Ekimu Falcon Foil Pack (polybag 601602)




A sealed Scorpion Foil Pack (polybag 601601)




One 1x8 printed Spare Parts brick and one 2x2 printed Moc League Tile.


Second Place

A sealed Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike (set 75532)




One 1x8 printed Spare Parts brick and one 2x2 printed Moc League Tile.


First Place

A sealed Technic Material Handler (set 42144)





The Moc League winner trophy containing the 1x8 printed Spare Parts brick, one 2x2 printed Moc League Tile and the Moc League winner 1x6 printed brick.



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Mattia Careddu

Principalmente colleziono minifigure e set, da poco sto cercando di addentrarmi nella crezione di Moc o scenette in generale.

Adoro le moc medievali, moc di mecha, moc su Scitar Uorz, moc in tema post-apocalittico, Steampunk e Cyberpunk.

Mi piacciono anche le moc su film, serie tv, videogiochi e fumetti.


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